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  • Sebanti

    September 26, 2022 at 3:31 PM

    Earlier days, the tradition of a community was uniquely reflected by the house structures, but nowadays, most premises across the world look similar and difficult to distinguish them. In my opinion, this trend is due to globalization and increase of the land prices which influences people to construct more cost-effective buildings creating a threat to the community heritage and culture.

    Firstly, due to globalization people are getting influenced and adapted by the culture of different countries. As a result, they are being motivated with the mansion designs of other countries. These were not possible in earlier days as they had not much exposure of it. For instance, in the past, in India mostly independent houses were present, but now most of them have turned into multistoried gated communities. Without any doubt, this structure was inherited from the western countries. Furthermore, as a result of globalization, the companies who produce the parts of building materials, selling their products worldwide as they are not restricted to sell those within their home countries. For that reason, people all over the world purchasing those apparatuses and making their houses which look same.

    In my view, this trend is unacceptable because all the communities are losing their unique heritage and culture. Additionally, earlier houses were more environment friendly which is not the case in the contemporary era. To illustrate, few years back, usage of air-conditioning was not popular, therefore the buildings had thick walls which could resist the heat. However, the walls of the modern apartments are very thin, and these cannot resist the unbearable hot temperature. As a result, people are using more coolers and AC machines these days which is a main reason of global warming.

    To conclude, the attitude towards designing buildings and cities has changed compared to the past, but according to me this trend is non-acceptable as communities are losing their unique heritage and identities.

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