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  • Shubhum

    September 28, 2022 at 12:11 AM

    In this modern era, the life span of human being and the birth control rate of a child is growing in a large scale. Furthermore, there are few challenges to control and manage the population. This essay will analyse about to how to decrease the impact of ageing people. To begin with, if people live a longer life span then the population will rise older and it’s not a good sign for any country. One of the first issue, country will suffer from a high budget problem because of getting the pensioned to the retired people were increasing. It is a huge burden of tax payers. In today’s life the proportion of young people is fewer as compared to the olders and it is not a great stuff because the responsbility to run the nation is on the youth shoulder. On the other hand, it is to significant to solve the issue of birth control rate. First of all, the govt have to make and implement some strict laws like we two ours two. The second issue is to migrate the older people to european countries for a better quality of life. The main reason behind immigration of older people is the decline population of european countries like denmark, belgium, netherlands etc. If the older people shifted to european countries for living then they get the oppurtunity to explore the historical places to visit as a last wish. In conclusion, the increase in life expectancy in the world may occur several issues just like unemployment etc. for the nation. Moreover, it can controlled by spreading awareness and implementing some strict laws by government to followed by audiences.

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