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    September 30, 2022 at 9:28 PM

    At present, instead of previous culturally fabricated buildings, the architects erect monotonous flats and luxurious apartments. Although the scenario happens as a result of urban sprawling and by favoring the wealthy clients, I reckon that such a transition could detrimentally affect the poor residents to go homeless as well as this could cumulatively vanish the cultural values of each place. This essay elaborates the causes and my opinion on this subject.

    On the cause side, the major culprit could be westernization. In detail, People often migrate to city either for educational or career purposes; consequently, the population in the cities increases and thereby the engineers might be forced to build similar time-saving constructions. Mumbai Andheri, for instance, has now enormous multi-storey flats due to increased population density. In addition, the second reason could be that the ambitious developers knock down just on wealthy companies and billionaires for lucrative benefits. As a result, the earlier resident spaces would apparently be replaced with the well-engineered blocks.

    However, the aforementioned is not a logic to support the change. It seems to be an abominable shift as the associated effects could harm each land’s ethnic and traditional values. In other words, if the newly built infrastructures are alike and indistinguishable, those establishments cannot symbolize the artistic skills. Hence, by time, the authentic cultural fabrics would undoubtedly go obsolete. What more, since the private investitures cater large building projects, the poor residents often be under existence crisis. The previously spacious and environmental-friendly housings of the city of Oakland have become high-rise superstructures and is a live example here. In view of these, I tend to not support building structures that are of same kind.

    In conclusion, the current architectures seem similar not only by the indulging of western culture but also by the housing demand of public. Unfortunately, such a change deleteriously leaves the unwealthy people on streets with no homes and even conceal the unique heritage of the places.

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