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  • Sachin

    October 27, 2022 at 7:44 PM

    Youth population is migrating from rural areas to metropolitan cities, leaving their elderly dependent parents behind. This essay will give the arguments that this movement of teenagers from low developed areas to developed areas is a healthy decision.

    As we know that people in there 20’s are constantly try to learn new skills which could not only be provided by the verity of Universities and vocational collages but also by the manufacturing hubs and industrial parks to facilitate them the knowledge of top notch technology with future working path better than their hometown. They could take full advantage of these conditions to enhance there attitude and skills in the competitive work labor force, with the result that they are capable to earn or there livelihood and support old age parents in their hometown.

    Younger generation always want a standard lifestyle to escape their poverty which could only be found in the downtown between the height rising buildings with wide range of available job and diversified career pathways in suburban they get boost in there early stage of struggle. which not only improves there standard of living but also helps to support there parents economically.

    To conclude with, this migration of youngsters not only provides them the quality education and improves there quality of life by much better job availability but also improves the way of living of there parents financially.

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