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  • Caroline

    November 18, 2022 at 11:32 AM

    Automation revolution has taken the entire world to the next level of technology upgradation. Nonetheless , it has minimised the work load across all major industrial sectors still , the costs involved and unemployment seems to be a threat in its acquisition. This essay will speak about the merit and de-merits of such machinery replacements of human work force and possibile ways it can be incorporated in an efficient way.

    The modern countries has welcomed more and more advanced technologies to help crisis in the current industrial sectors. The advent of artificial intelligence has conquered the world with its high level of accuracy and reduction of human errors. Besides , this has helped many business sectors to make decision making process more effectively and efficiently .It is also known for accurate predictive data which helps to innovate or expand products or services ,whereby leading higher customer satisfaction. Such kind of innovations will always be favoured by many global industrialists.

    On the other hand, any kind of inventions which replaces the workforce will be considered as threat to the nation worldwide. Although such creations of high tech scenario seems to make the country progressive, still the danger of unemployment will always be threat to a developed and underdeveloped countries. The costs of machinery embedded with these cutting edge technologies will be very high thus cannot be acquired by all businesses. On the job trainings ,webinars on these innovations should be introduced to employees, so they might be well updated on the advanced technologies. Modern days employers should also think about investing in training the employees on these advanced science’s as a investment they make on their human resource for a better productivity.

    In conclusion, In spite of many advancement being brought into this high tech world, it still needs to focus on co-existence of man and machineries.

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