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  • Utkarsha

    November 30, 2022 at 9:19 AM

    The bar graph gives information about the popularity of celebrities’ Instagram accounts in the year 2018 and 2021. Overall, it can be seen that there was an upward trend in 2021 compared to 2018. Christiano Ronaldo becoming the most followed and Selena Gomez going from most to least popular over the period of time.

    In 2018, Selena Gomez had the most followers around 125 million, more than Cristiano Ronaldo because he influenced only 110 million users. This situation was exactly opposite in 2021, Ronaldo was followed by 320 million people. Although Selena Gomez’s fan base increased to 245 million, she had less followers than other Famous persons.

    The final three influencers, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande and The Rock, experienced similarly dramatic rising trends. Ariana’s followers were just around 110 million in 2018, and The Rock and Kaylie Jenner were slightly lower than 100 million. All the celebrities added approximately 150 million followers with the former finishing around 250 million.

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