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  • Divya

    December 1, 2022 at 8:26 PM

    The line graph illustrates four causes of air pollution in UK during 1990 to 2005. Units are measured in million tonnes.

    Overall, industry and total air pollutants decreased drastically over the years, whereas transport and household pollutants have more or less similar emission throughout the duration.

    Firstly, total air pollutants appears to be under 8 in 1990 and begun decreasing to 4 till 2005. However, transportation displays to be static in the period of 15 years, while slightly decreasing in 1999.

    Secondly, pollution caused due to industries is just under 6 million tonnes and starts dipping dramatically to 2 million tonnes till 2005. Furthermore, household hazardous wastes emit pollution around 1 million tonnes in 1990 continuing to drop to almost 0 in 2005.

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