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  • sreenag

    December 7, 2022 at 9:13 PM

    Obviously, it has been noticed in many social media and newspapers that researchers state and proved that criminals are committing crimes again after getting released from jail. However, this essay will be discussing about the reasons behind doing illegal things again by lawbreakers and how to overcome from it.

    As far as I am considering, there are many reasons offenders are doing offenses repeatedly even though after out of custody. The main reason can be they are not getting proper respect and jobs in the market. For example, culprits are treated rudely by the society based on the things that happened in the past. As a result, these all situations lead them to do faults again.

    To get rid of this problem, Firstly, folks need to understand and accept them with respect as they are already penalized as per the national law and the government should also be responsible to educate society that wrongdoers are already trained by giving them proper rehabilitation in jail. Secondly, for criminals, it’s better to get noticed by other fellow citizens by participating in some NGOs or should do some good services so that people will start believing in them. Furthermore, Police should also track them by utilizing the latest technologies such as chip trackers. They can place these chips on criminals to track and monitor their activities for some days and provide proper counseling or motivate them to do good activities to lead a happy life if they found any suspicious things.

    In conclusion, still, if criminals recommit offenses even after confinement then authorities should punish lawbreakers severely and make prisons like hell so that they will get fear before doing such kind of crimes again.

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