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  • ryan

    December 15, 2022 at 11:04 AM

    The line graph depicts a comparison between the percentage of UK television and radio audiences above 4 years old throughout the day in 1992.

    Overall, it could be devised from the graph that popularity of television is high compared to that of radio. Though, both percentage of audiences of television and radio almost starts and ends at nearly the same point; which is highly expected. Both have different peak times.

    Furthermore, the percentage of television audiences is at 0% during 6.00 am and it increases fluctuatingly to reach its peak value at 8.00 pm having almost 50% of the UK population. Suddenly, it plummets down steadily to nearly 5% at 2.00 am midnight. After that, it doesn’t decrease to 0% rather fiddles around an approximate of 7% till 6.00 am.

    In the case of percentage of radio audiences, the diagram showed steady increase from nearly 5% at 6.00 am to approx. 28% at 8.00 am. Moreover, the graph shows gradual decline with slight variations till 2.00 am midnight. Likewise, that of the television, the graph then maintains almost a constant value around 7% till 6.00am.

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