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  • isha

    December 18, 2022 at 9:46 PM

    Feedback :

    Corrections are marked in bold.

    – Essay is coherent, and clarity is there.

    – Good use of cohesive devices.

    – A proper noun, such as “Facebook,” will be included in the bullet.

    – Pay attention to punctuation marks.

    It is often believed that lots of people prefer newspapers as a primary source, even though an increasing number of people read the news on the internet. I completely disagree with the statement as I think that newspapers are rather slow when compared to recent technology.

    First of all, I consider that delayed information is similar to undelivered information. The process of new delivery in a local daily is a tedious process and it requires comparatively more time when compared to that of a social media, which is just type and send. For example, there are even Facebook pages which acts as popular news platforms where any member of the group could update news instantly, along with the video of the event. That said, it is good to enjoy the swiftness of technology offered by the online media.

    Secondly, online news provides an opportunity to share personal comments and provide reactions to each bulletin. In other words, the real emotions of the public could be weighed from those reactions and comments. Newspapers, on the other hand, are not as interactive as social media. For instance, ANI News, which is a leading online bulletin platform, publishes its news on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms that support comments and reactions. There have also been instances of popular celebrities making comments and providing feedback, which has resulted in sensational news. So, interaction is a newest and best feature which the newspaper won’t ever be able to bring about.

    To conclude, I strongly believe that newspapers won’t be a primary source of news for the majority community anymore as it is getting replaced by online bulletins day by day. This is because of its speed of news delivery and enhanced discussion possibilities within the online platform.

    Bands – 3.5/6

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