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  • isha

    December 27, 2022 at 6:31 PM


    Please check words marked in bold for corrections.

    Nowadays advertising is considered to be the big cause for huge sales of consumer goods as it communicates the potential benefits of a product. In this essay, we are going to discuss the reasons why advertising is so important for consumer goods sales.

    Advertising allows a product to reach a wide range of audience and demonstrate all of the potential benefits of using the brand. With the help of media such as television, social media, or radio, one can broadcast advertisements with all of the benefits they can provide to people locally or globally. For example, the IELTS application developed in India was advertised on social media, assisting people globally.Hence, people get to know the product and their potential advantages through advertisement which add up to sales in a big way.

    People get influenced by what they see advertised by their favourite sportsperson or a celebrity, which ultimately pushes them towards making a purchase of an advertised product.It has been observed that many famous people appear in advertisements on television or in print media describing the potential benefits of a product, such as a Hollywood actress promoting a skin care product and convincing viewers that their skin will look like hers after using the product, resulting in the product being purchased by many viewers.

    In the end, I will say that advertisement plays a big role in increasing sales as product not only reach a wider audience but also people get influenced by what they see and end up purchasing those products.

    Repetition of words , like products , sales, benefits.

    -Use synonyms like , goods, items, brand , merchandise.

    -Errors while using articles.

    – There is clarity in your essay, which is good.

    Bands- 3.5/6

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