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  • Ansar

    January 2, 2023 at 11:30 PM

    News journals are becoming least significant currently in the 21st century of digital era with frequent updates of news accessible on our various devices, such as phones and tablets.

    I partially agree with this statement as it mainly depends on age and adaption to technology will be discussing this in detail below.

    Newspapers are playing a crucial role by providing detailed information to the society and encourages reading habit of individuals. Newspapers have their own benefits.for example, while the information in the papers was slow but surely true.The accuracy of this carefully tested information reached the people. More than that, you can read it again and again if you want to. And taking care of them is not too difficult. Newspapers are also reused by people, and are of great help in life, such as serving as decorations, table. An outstanding benefit when compared with the Internet is the cost. Buying a newspaper is far cheaper than paying for the Internet each month.

    However, with the advent of Internet has given people great choice. Apparently online press which helps news seekers all over the globe access local news as well as global news published by a variety of internationally prestigious newspapers for example, BBC, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Such availability of online news far outweighs that of printed news, steadily dominating the news industry. Online news need to adaptable by all ages they are few drawbacks.As older people are finding inconvenient while reading news online by watching continuously its having impact on eyesight.

    In conclusion, Newspaper are still critical source of information, but Internet will provide News, and entertainment tend to be accurate. But the Internet has more benefits, so their more emergence is inevitable.

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