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  • isha

    January 3, 2023 at 6:22 PM

    In the current millennial era, where technology is emerging with several online platforms, the traditional newspaper appears to be the most consistent alternative for daily bulletin news. I completely disagree with this opinion and believe that a large amount of the population, which mainly includes the newer generation, uses online websites and applications to get news updates. This essay will discuss how print media is no longer a popular source of communication.

    Social media channels are the busiest and most heavily used online mediums for staying connected and up to date on current events around the world.For instance, famous journalists and new channels have upgraded themselves to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more to keep its consumers updated with the content provided on each account. In addition to that, baby boomers and the silent generation have transitioned to downloading applications on smartphones instead of reading conventional newspapers.

    Furthermore, newspapers are far more expensive mediums, whereas online news is available at zero to minimal cost. For example, print media requires a monthly subscription, and consumers rely on the delivery boy to read their daily bulletin. However, online applications are installed on your devices making it easily accessible. At the same time, online platforms are environmentally friendly, as they have reduced the cost of paper, ink and printing drastically.

    To summarize, traditional mediums are diminishing with technological advancement, and people are eagerly adapting electronic media and online applications in their day-to-day life. Therefore, I am quite inclined to the opinion that newspapers are an insignificant source in the news industry.

    Bands- 3.5/6

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