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  • isha

    January 6, 2023 at 3:50 PM

    Migrating for work or a better way of life has become more common in the past and has increased in recent decades.Although, we are used to live in a joint family system due to circumstances , decision to move in big city has widely been accepted by the majority. This essay will speak about the benefits of migrating to a big city, which contribute to the development of the family and society in general.

    With the impact of globalisation, the corporate world has expanded its boundaries to other states and sometimes other countries as well, increasing employment opportunities. With this optimisation of work force, the working community has been asked to migrate to address employment demands. Such movements have helped many underdeveloped states and countries in their economical growth. It was published in a national newspaper about how remote villages in the country have gained tremendous growth with the help of a few industrial establishments, which led to the development of the village and the people living there and an increase in notable employment rates.

    Furthermore, not only does it contribute to the economical growth but, it also helps the educational system of a country at large. Children coming from a small village background are exposed to the best of the educational system, with vast knowledge transfer given to each and every child, setting the standards of education to greater heights. The privilege of better literacy is bestowed upon big cities compared to small towns.

    In conclusion , I would certainly agree that the movement of people from the countryside to big towns or cities will surely benefit them as individuals and communities, considering the advantages of having a better living condition and providing better educational opportunities for the younger generations.

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