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  • Sunny

    January 31, 2023 at 10:30 AM

    Information technology having various impacts on our home, work activates and lifestyles which have both good and bad impact. In the below we will discuss on both the parameters and also how to overcome if there is any challenges.

    Now a day’s people are more into in sedentary life style and Information technology which leads to impact their personal and work life balance, as you can see because of technology more and more are now a day’ in front of devices rather than doing physical activity which impact their health and also there are bundle of information available on internet which confuse and also waste the time.

    On the other hand if usage of the information technology in a proper manner, so it would be very interactive and helpful, such as saving time, with the help of technology the physical activity which can be perform any time and any place which is very efficient and also if the usage of the internet very carefully and particularly, so the lot of benefits can be gained in one click.

    In conclusion the advantages are more supreme the disadvantages and doing physical activity and and proper usage of information technology can beneficial for everyone.

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