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  • isha

    February 1, 2023 at 8:25 PM


    – You need to do paraphrasing in Intro para.

    – Elaborate and link your body paragraphs with main ideas. Provide supporting details.

    – Word count is less than 250.

    – Use synonyms.

    I completely agree that in order to prevent illness and disease, the government should focus on reducing environmental pollution and housing problems.

    With a growing awareness of environmental issues, the government has recently taken a number of measures to reduce pollution levels, such as promoting the use of electric vehicles and providing tax breaks to manufacturers and customers.

    Houses without basic amenities, such as poor ventilation, lead to a lot of health problems. In order to fix this problem, the government needs to make sure every house meets certain basic requirements. The government is taking measures in regard to this problem, such as it launched the “SABKA MAKAAN SABKA VIKAS” Yojna, which ensures that every citizen has his or her own house.

    Bands – 2.5/6

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