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  • sunita

    February 1, 2023 at 11:04 PM

    Information Technology is drastically changing many components of our lives and now dominates different activities at homes, work and surroundings. This essay will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of information technology.

    There are numerous advantages of information technology, to begin with, it saves a huge amount of manual efforts and makes human life more convenient. There are many software and apps freely available online that can be used to make our day to day activities easier both at home and as well as at work. For example, tracking software to keep track of health, spends and investments. Social media is also been used by people for different businesses or startups as a very powerful advertisement tool. In addition to this, information technology has opened door for better learning and job opportunities. Now people can learn anything from anywhere without having any geographical limitations. Working professionals can work remotely as per their interest.

    However, information technology has some disadvantages as well, like serious health problems due to the sedentary lifestyle and some major cyber crimes. Using gadgets for playing games, using social media and by sitting in wrong postures for too long causes many chronic diseases like, obesity, eyesight and spine problems. Due to lack of cyber awareness, the online crimes like online shopping frauds, theft of important information are highly increasing that leads to loss of money, theft of personal or financial information.

    To sum up, Information technology is extremely advantageous to humans. However, there are few disadvantages also, but that can be avoided if we as a consumer become more aware and intelligent.

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