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  • Kumudini

    February 3, 2023 at 4:09 PM

    Roadways have become a prominent and most convenient mode of transportation. Every residence now has at least one vehicle, which is increasing the number of automobiles. Many individuals argue that the government should be in charge of road development, whereas others believe that drivers should be responsible for the costs. In my perspective, the government should share the cost of road construction with the people through toll taxes.

    On the one hand, I believe that highway construction and development should be the duty of the government. As a powerful body, the government has the capacity to update and make significant changes in the formation of national roads. To explain it further, the authority should increase its budget and allocate greater funding to infrastructure and urbanization, which would strengthen the country’s economy in a variety of ways.

    Meanwhile, I also think that road users should be held responsible for road maintenance because they are the primary users and, in some ways, cause the damage. Most importantly, breaking the rules of government-mandated norms and regulations may eventually lead to the degradation of road conditions. Despite rigorous restrictions governing which lanes specific vehicles may use, many people drive personal automobiles on public transportation routes, causing damage to the road. As a result, individuals should be penalized for each pothole they cause on the road. I believe that the government should set up toll booths to collect taxes from passengers to preserve the quality of the roads.

    Taking everything into account, in my opinion, road construction and maintenance should be shared by the government and the users. The most effective solution would be to place toll booths on roads to collect money from vehicles, and the government’s budget for road development should be increased.

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