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  • isha

    February 22, 2023 at 10:56 PM

    Technology plays a pivotal role in our lives, as many tasks which needed human intervention can now be done by machines. However, while this trend has both advantages and disadvantages, I feel it has more positive impacts on our lives than otherwise. I will discuss both sides in this essay.

    Let us discuss the positives first: with the help of emerging technologies, we can solve problems that were thought impossible in past. The ease of convenience which we can have in almost all walks of our lives has its roots in science and technology. We can commute from home to the office while watching a movie and talk to someone like sitting next to him/her while being thousands of kilometers away all because of technological advancements. Many dangerous tasks, like going deep into a tunnel to extract some minerals can be done by robots that are otherwise hazardous to humans.

    However, there are some obvious downsides of technology, like a lack of creativity, which takes away jobs before humans can reskill themselves. All in all, machines can be highly accurate in doing the tasks which are assigned to them, but they can not do things that require imagination and skills to solve problems that haven’t been solved yet, for example, inventing vaccines for deadly virus.

    In conclusion, we can safely say that technology has democratized our society and has given us free time which can be utilized for doing things that matter to us most. Although it has some negative aspects, like making people less social, all those things are dependent on how we use it.

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