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  • isha

    March 2, 2023 at 10:34 PM

    In today’s world, a huge number of people suffering from health issues are taking medications on their own without consulting a general physician. I strongly believe that this sort of practice is a negative trait as it can lead to serious complications for the body.

    Firstly, in my opinion, taking medication without considering your doctor’s opinion can lead to some hazardous effects on your health. For instance, people who are educated and do a lot of research on social platforms take antibiotics by themselves for viral infections without seeking consultation from a physician, and as a side effect, they get things like loss of appetite, nausea, and headaches. However, if they had considered an appropriate medication through a proper channel, they would have minimized these complications.

    Secondly, I believe these sorts of practices can be dangerous in a longer run, as medical practitioners come with a good amount of knowledge of their profession and a lot of experience in their field. They know the issues with their clients’ health and prescribe medicines based on their vitals. For example, at the time of COVID people who were diabetic or had high blood pressure were given different medicines by doctors so that their vitals doesn’t shoot up, which can lead to organ failure or severe damage to the body.

    At last, I would like to conclude by saying that some knowledge is always dangerous. Even though people are becoming smarter and have access to more knowledge through social media, they still lack experience in the medical field. These doctors of medicine have experience and have studied medicines for many years, so their consultation has some worth which is always beneficial in a long run. They do their work diligently and make sure the infected person gets fewer side effects from the prescribed medicines.

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    – Question is asking about Alternative treatment, which you haven’t mentioned here.

    Alternative treatment like- Yoga, Ayurveda etc.

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