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  • Arshitha

    May 16, 2023 at 2:12 PM

    The two maps given illustrate the transformations that occurred in Felixstone in 1967 and 2001.

    It is evident from the pictorial representation that Felixstone has undergone notable changes over the years in terms of infrastructure and plantations wherein golf course, high street shops, and cafe were preserved.

    In the year 1967, the high street is abundant with shops on both the sides. Towards the west side of the high street is the golf course and farmland lies in the east side. A hotel and a cafe can be seen nearby the dunes. The southern side of the town has the sea and the marina pier is connected to it. Also there is a fish market lying just above the pier.

    The major changes that occured in Felixstone in 2001 is that the farmlands were replaced by hotels with swimming pool and tennis courts. Some of the shops nearby high street were transformed to apartments. The golf course, cafe and dunes survived the advancement of time. The hotel was renovated by including car parking. Public and private beaches replaced the sea and the marina pier and few wind turbines were constructed near the sea.

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