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  • Tejas

    May 17, 2023 at 10:04 PM

    The following diagram illustrates the changes that took place in layout of the Felixstowe from 1967 to 2001.

    Overall there were serval changes were made through out town in these years which include addition of new hotels and removal of some infrastructure.

    In 1967, there was a large farm land above the fish market or to the east of the high street.In the south there is hotel, cafe, a port and dunes is situated.There is even a golf course on the western side of the high street.

    In 2001, the major change was the farmland was delevoped to a hotel with tennis court and a swimming pool as there was an increase in the tourism.Even the fish market was taken by the hotel and the south eastern beach was made private by them. Second major change was the sea port was removed and was made into public beach.The cafe remained same through out these years.In the south there was a development of hotel car parking area and even wind turbines. In the north the one side of high street shops were made into apartments and the golf remained as it was before.

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