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  • isha

    May 17, 2023 at 10:41 PM

    Most people believe that the government should concentrate more on lowering environmental pollution and housing problems to get rid of illness and diseases. I totally agree with this point of view. In my opinion, to stop the spread of various ailments or diseases, the government should take action to minimise pollution and housing related issues.

    Environmental pollution is the biggest threat in this modern era. The alarmingly increasing number of vehicles emits toxic gases, which cause air pollution thereby resulting in serious health hazards. Most of the factories also contribute to polluting the air by releasing various toxins and chemicals. In many of the developed cities, waste management is poor, and waste is dumped in the water sources. Thus, these get contaminated, leading to the spread of contagious diseases. The government should enforce law and order to lessen the pollution, thereby saving the natural resources as well as the health of the common people.

    In the present situation, due to the high population, there is a house in every nook and corner. It is very important to maintain cleanliness and proper ventilation in housing, as illness and diseases spread much faster in a crowded area. Waste disposal is also an important thing to take care of as this can be a pathway for serious health hazards. Thus, ensuring basic necessities such as hygiene, ventilation, and proper waste management can eradicate the spread of diseases to a great extent.

    To sum up, I strongly agree with the idea that the government should take extra care to lower pollution and housing problems to prevent illness and diseases.


    -Please check the words in bold for mistakes.

    – Grammatical errors, like prepositions and the use of singular and plural.

    – Spelling of environment.

    Bands – 3/6

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