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  • tsering

    June 26, 2023 at 1:44 PM

    Information Technology usage has shot up since pandemic. Here we are going to highlights some of risk internet pose towards individuals and how social media have bad influence towards the community. These days internet usage has lead to increased loneliness, anxiety, peer pressure, false information leading to violence between different religion.

    First and foremost, social media has huge negative impact on creativity. These days school kids or adult has reduce ability to create ideas, thinking or to analyze the information properly. (Example) These days most of school kids have easy access to any websites for school assignments but a decade back school kids and adults goes to Library to read, gather information from authorized source only.

    Secondly, misinformation about the real world, (Example) Some news media giving false information to influence political opinions and spreading untrue information to fool the audiences and creating confusion, violence among general people.

    Thirdly, creating peer pressure/ jealousy among the people (Example) Some of my friends they are born with silver spoon and they lavishly flaunt their sophisticated lifestyle on Instagram reels so these had impacted me a lot and made me to lose confidence in myself and even questioned my existence born in middle class family because of lifestyle my friends lead. But Later when I realized that my friends was leading a superficial life and in real life her family is going through huge financial crisis. She was just fooling everybody through reel life just to gain views, followers in very dishonest way. Soon it made me realized that whatever we see in social media is not real. some people fake their identity and some people just want to earn quick money so they keep fooling people on Internet. I am very thankful to my parents and god for the awareness about networking and keeping me safe healthy.

    To summarize, there are numerous way to make ourself more aware of internet usage like tracking how many hours we have spend scrolling through Uoutube, twitter, Instagram in our mobile. Government and Conglomerate should come together to create safe guidelines and Principles for the audiences to know both good and bad side effects of networking. At the end, it is up to the general consumer to take initiative role.

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