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  • isha

    June 26, 2023 at 10:58 PM

    Information Technology usage has shot up since the pandemic. Here we are going to highlights some of risk internet pose towards individuals and how social media have bad influence on the community. These days internet usage has lead to increased loneliness, anxiety, peer pressure, false information leading to violence between different religion.

    First and foremost, social media has a huge negative impact on creativity. These days, school kids or adults have a reduced ability to create ideas, think, or analyse information properly. (Example) These days most of school kids have easy access to any websites for school assignments but a decade back school kids and adults goes to Library to read, gather information from authorized source only.

    First and foremost, social media has a profound negative impact on creativity. Nowadays, both school children and adults have a reduced ability to generate ideas, think critically, and analyze information properly. For instance, in the past, school children and adults had to visit libraries to access authorized sources for their assignments. However, nowadays, they have easy access to any website, which may not always provide reliable information. – How is this related to social media use?

    Secondly, misinformation about the real world, for example: Some news media give false information to influence political opinions and spread untrue information to fool audiences, creating confusion, violence among general people.

    – Clarity and Coherence:
    Some sentences in the essay lack clarity and coherence. Paragraphing and structure should be right.

    -Language Usage:
    The essay would benefit from more precise and formal language. Some
    sentences contain informal or colloquial language that may reduce the
    overall academic tone. For example, “These days most of school kids have
    easy access to any websites for school assignments” could be revised as
    “Currently, many schoolchildren have unrestricted access to a wide
    range of websites for their academic assignments.”

    – Grammatical errors.

    Bands – 3/6

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