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  • Aishwarya

    August 6, 2021 at 8:31 PM

    My sister and I had been pestering our parents to take us to a picnic on the weekend, but this request was quashed by my father as he was swamped with work.Not only was our cribbing tenuous against my father’s cancelled picnic decision, but also he was very stern about the decision from the beginning. I believe if we have given up , we would not have been able to persuade him for the Sunday picnic .Although being so busy the decision to take us to picnic was unpalatable to him still he forsook his work to take us there. Normally people have the propensity to have picnicked by a popular garden, but we wanted a calm beautiful place, so we agreed to visit the rose garden. I could not sleep the whole night because I was very excited about the picnic and kept recalling if I had packed everything for tomorrow.

    We all woke up in the morning to enjoy a scrumptious meal by my mother, after which I felt very sluggish and wanted to take a nap. Our driver was 15 minutes late,so we all hurriedly loaded our bags into the car and embarked on our journey to the Rose garden. The car started making weird noises insinuating that something was wrong, thus 15 minutes into the journey our car came to a halt. Our driver cursed atrociously ,that we we were in a fix. My father flummoxed about what to do consequently decided to push the car, luckily it started. In the end, we finally made it to our destination and had a great time there.

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