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  • Praveen

    August 6, 2021 at 11:12 PM

    It was a real incident that took place at my office location. We heard that an employee from the next block threatened his manager and tried to commit suicide due to the hectic workload from the last few months. Luckily, his colleagues realized quickly and informed the location manager about the incident. One of their team members informed their leaders about the incident through email communication and their leaders formed a committee to know the reasons and bringing out the truth behind this incident. We were communicated that employee health was fine after a day.

    On the next day, the committee talked to every associate in their team and collected complete information about the work style, behavior, and conduct of the employee and his manager. Immediately, their leaders and business HR asked to present in front of the committee both employee and his manager, and arguments started between both of them. After hearing the arguments from both ends, committee members, leaders, and business HR quashed the conviction of the manager as he was specious with his arguments and he was well-known for his natural prospenity and rude behaviour with his team members. And also manager promises to the committee was unpalatable, So, they decided and asked manager to leave the company premises by forsaking his possessions and belongings with immediate effect. They had also understood that, associate was a exemplar at his work and asset to the company. So, associate was insisted to not take those kind of actions and offered associate the help required to settle him down to normal life.

    With this, I realised the fact that treat every human being with amicable behaviour and few people may be very sensitive who needs to be handled with atmost care and behave in a professional manner and do not hurt anyone and their feelings as well.

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