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  • Bhavik

    August 18, 2021 at 11:27 AM

    Often many people believe to downsize the transgression rate, it is necessary to implement longer prison sentences while on the other hand many believe that there are other alternatives for the same. In this essay we will be looking at my point of view on both the sides of the argument

    To begin with longer prison sentences, I believe it plays a significant role in reducing the crime rate. Criminal who has committed a crime will have a natural propensity to repeat the same if not punished and looked after, forsaking such criminal with minor punishment will exacerbate the situation by encouraging the criminal to commit it again. Longer prison sentences means a criminal has to be in a close room for years which means he will be divested from his freedom of movement thus making him realise the crime he has committed. Experiencing the freedom once he is out won’t let him to commit a crime and face the similar consequences. For a instances a recent study from Indian Psychological Department says that the most wanted criminal on Mumbai after serving 15 years of long term imprisonment has completed changed into a good citizen

    Moreover, apart from longer imprisonment other factors should also be taken under consideration like increasing awareness amongst people like showing documentaries of a diabolic person about how he ended up his life. Also, including a lesson in academic curriculum of children would also have a great impact as children are ingenuous and can be easily moulded for good. For example, looking at Japan who has increased the awareness in their country about criminals through the above exercises, the TOI report says, its criminal record has decreased to 10% as compare to last decade. So I believe that looking into such activities is equally important

    In my opinion, I believe that along with longer imprisonment other activities like increasing awareness should also be taken in consideration to reduce the criminal rate

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