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  • Nilesh

    August 21, 2021 at 12:15 AM

    Dear John,

    First of all, big thanks to you for agreeing on staying at my house during my absence for two weeks. Being you are my best friend, I would like give few additional responsibilities to you during this stay.

    As you know, I am travelling to Dubai to attend marriage of my cousin brother. My existing mobile number will be changed over there but i will maintain same whatsapp number so better to contact me on the same. Meanwhile, I will send you contact number of my cousin, incase I am not reachable.

    Please take care of my dog during this tenure. Atleast, try to feed him 3 times in a day on regular intervals. The dog food pedigree is available in last cupboard of the kitchen. Also, please take him regularly for walk for a couple of hours. This routine is very important for him otherwise he starts deteriorating in a health. Just now I have remembered that dog vaccination is due by next week so please take him to the nearest petcare which is besides to our society. Lastly, please do watering for the balcony plants on alternate days.

    I know, I am asking to much support from your side but you are my closest friend. Hope to see soon after two weeks.

    Take care.


    Nilesh S

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