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  • Vaibhav

    August 21, 2021 at 12:34 AM

    Dear John,

    Hope this letter finds you well!

    First of all, thanks for agreeing to look after my house in my absence this coming weekend while I will be away to attend my favourite cousin’s wedding. Not to mention, without your support I couldn’t have planned to attend this wedding, which obviously I was keen to attend.

    I will be staying in hotel Clarx in New Jersey during the course of the wedding, should you need to get in touch at any point of time please feel to call on my cell phone, contact number mentioned in the enclosed envelope.

    Although in order to make your look-after organised, I have placed a note containing detailed information on household chores on the dining table, still, I would like to iterate a few essential activities here, firstly, my dog needs to be fed only in mornings and in evenings, and being a fond of jazz music he enjoys listening it few hours a days.

    One last thing, I would like to make you aware of, please keep the terrace gate closed round the clock for security reasons.

    What you are doing for me means a lot and my gratitude for you is ineffable, hope to see you soon on my return.



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