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  • Arvind

    August 27, 2021 at 12:52 PM

    The figure shows the Geothermal plant used to generate electricity.

    The power plant consists of cold water tank, transmission pole, generator-turbine and a condenser, injection well and the production well. The injection well and production well are placed 4.5 km’s below the Earth’s crust in the geothermal zone. The wells are connected to the cold water tank and the condenser respectively and are placed right under them.

    The cold water from the tank flows into the injection well and reaches the geothermal zone. As the water passes through this area, it gets heated up due to the heat from the surrounding rocks. The hot water is then collected in the production well which is placed on the other end. This hot water is then pumped up and into the condenser to produce steam. The steam at high velocity is fed into the turbine which causes the turbine to rotate at high speed. The turbine shaft is coupled with the generator shaft causing the generator to rotate and generate electricity. The generated electricity is then transmitted to the pylon from which it is supplied to the required area.

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