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  • Arvind

    August 27, 2021 at 3:03 PM

    The diagrams represents the life-cycle of a certain breed of large fish known as Salmon.

    The life of a Salmon fish begins in the upper part of the river where the water is calm. The adult fish lay their in-between the small stones present near the reeds. The eggs begin to hatch and the baby fishes come to life. These young fishes feed on reeds and grow up to 3 to 8 cm’s in length and are known as ‘fry’.

    The fishes then move to the lower part of the river where the currents move faster. They live here for about 4 years and grow up to be known as ‘smolt’. At this stage they are 12 to 15 cm’s in length and live in this region for about 4 years.

    After spending a part of their life in the river the smolts move into the open sea. Here the smolts live for nearly 5 years and grow into adults. The average length of these adults are 70 to 76 cm’s. These adults then go back to their birth place for reproduction.

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