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  • Abhineswar

    September 1, 2021 at 7:04 PM

    Nowadays, a sedentary lifestyle has become more popular despite several gyms and sports facilities. This essay discusses the consequences of inactive life and the ideas to avoid them.

    The consequences or effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle are indolences and lack of growth in mental health. When not engaged actively in any physical activities such as jogging, cycling, etc., the body can get into a dangerous comfortable zone which makes it lazy and get addicted. Eventually resulting in gaining bodyweight. It has been proved that physical activities not only strengthens the physical but also the mental conditions. So, impacting the performance over a task and confidence level.

    In my opinion, the people can be engaged in different sports activities like swimming, football, cricket, etc., based on the interest. Even not interested in GYM or any physical activities which might get bored, sports always brings excitement and energy by the spirit to win something. Eventually, gets active in a more interesting way. On special occasions, a sports activity should be held within a group or a community which prompts someone to involve in these activities.

    Therefore, leading an inactive life might lead to severe consequences causing a successful lifestyle. The appealing solution would be getting people involved in sports activities and conducting regular sports events with exciting prizes.

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