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  • Gurleen

    September 6, 2021 at 1:36 PM

    Some museums charge its visitors entry fee while others do not charge any fee of admission. In my opinion, the advantages of charging fees is more than the drawbacks in a number of ways. This essay outlines both the advantages as well as disadvantages.

    On the one hand, entry fee into the museums reduces the number of guests. People are discouraged to visit the museums because for them they visit places to spend their idle time and gain knowledge for free. For instance, if the parks are charged with fees where people come to walk, gossip and exercise, this would demotivate people to use the services of the public place. Additionally, people who cannot afford paying the fees wouldn’t be able to gain access to the services of the museums.

    On the other hand, charging an entry fees offers wide range of advantages. Firstly, the money collected can be used to manage the overhead costs at the museum. For instance, the money can be used to pay the utility bills, staff cost, repairing cost etc. As we are aware a large amount of money is required for maintaining huge buildings and the amount earned from visitors can be used as a source of income. Secondly, the revenue earned can be put directly to enhance the utilities and features of the museum which in turn would attract more visitors. For instance, the amount can be directly put into ensuring a clean and hygiene environment.

    In conclusion, although I recognise that there are a few drawbacks of charging a fees for entry in the form of a decrease in the number of visitors, however there are also long term benefits that can help in the development of the museums more effectively.

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