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  • Mohit

    September 13, 2021 at 9:10 PM

    There are in India people are discussing about the hosting of international sports. many people are in favor of organizing the International Sport while the others are opposing the event.

    conducting international level of sports at our country is a matter of pride . On one hand it increases the reputation of the country at international level and on other hand it gives lot of opportunity to create employment. Many people like , event organizer gets employment. The fans of the player also visit the country for boosting the morel of their player and visit the many parts of the country as well. For example the Olympic game were played on our land in 1972 which our country managed very well. This not only gave us a new identity but due to the games , millions of foreigner had visited and thus dramatically our tourism industries was grown upto the maximum. There for the international games should be hosted in the country.

    On other side , the poor county like ours , waste lot of money in organizing the games. The big amount of money is spends in the sports , can be fulfill the need of food of thousands of people for a week ,if get used for the welfare of poor instead. The funding of many stopped projects ( pending in want of money ) can be induced. For example “Asian games” played in 2020, had cost Rs 20000 Crore while, by using this large amount of money, for public welfare 50 hospital, 100 school and 1000 house could have been build. The figures as mentioned above are self explanatory for using the money in Public welfare instead of organizing international events.

    As for as my opinion is concerned , I strongly agree to hosting big events like International game in the country as the same not only polished the image of the country but also caused the inflow of foreign currency. By inviting the big events we may boost our economy which in result will give the employment of thousand.

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