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  • hari

    September 13, 2021 at 9:13 PM

    Although a section of people opine that organizing a worldwide sport event can bolster country’s image, others demur that it could be detrimental. I strongly believe that holding an global event has both benefits and drawbacks associated to it.

    To begin with, providing an international event shifts the focus towards a hosting country. This in turn attracts attention of media, brand endorsements, tourists and catalyses both countries image and economy. Thus providing lucrative results. For instance, during 2011 cricket world cup which had been conducted in India, the crickets brand endorsements almost doubled and resulted in swelling of sports economy. Besides, media ratings of sporting channel skyrocketed. Besides, this also catapulted the local IPL cricketing event organized later.

    Secondly, arranging an multinational event entails huge preparation and government should invest a lot of money and time. Though enhancement of image is true its only fugacious. Therefore, this can be utilized in catering to the needs of poor people. For example, in a developing country like India where poverty is higher we can leverage our resources in uplifting poor peoples’ quality of life. Thus it would be prudent to use our economy in a much better way.

    By the way of conclusion, on one hand hosting events fortifies countries image, on the other hand the proponents of events should look into possibility of using our resources in a better way to improve peoples’ quality of life.

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