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  • Kanchan

    September 16, 2021 at 8:41 PM

    I don’t completely agree on the fact that expansion of supermarkets in the country lead to the closure of local or small business however this can affect the growth of local businesses since customer plays a vital role in the growing ladder of any business no matter how small or large. Going forward I would like to share my opinion on the mentioned subject.

    There is no doubt in the increasing number of supermarkets in some countries which attracts most the population since it’s a place where one can find anything which is needful in daily life or even things which are not basic. One only need to go to a single place and can get anything they want whether it is about clothes or groceries or some electrical appliance and what not!

    However, the expansion of such supermarkets somewhere affects the small or local businesses since the privileged people would like to go to such supermarkets rather than going to local shops and roaming around different places to buy the stuffs. But we can’t say that this can lead to the complete shutdown of local businesses since the local community who are not capable to purchase things from such supermarkets will definitely do their shopping from local shops.

    In the end, by taking local or unprivileged people into consideration I would like to conclude that no matter how much the supermarkets are going to expand in a country, but this can never lead to closure of small businesses. However, it will surely impact their business financially.

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