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  • Divyanshee

    September 17, 2021 at 5:36 PM

    Some people think that attention should be paid to all the subjects by the adolescents at school whereas some believe that the children should only focus on the subjects that they like the most. According to me, all the subjects are important in a student’s life. The subjects which are taught in the school form a foundation for the carrer of the student and that’s why it is important to pay equal attention to all the subjects.

    People often advice the students to solely focus on the subjects that they like but the introduction to each and every subject at the school level is a basic requirement that a student should get, this will not only help the students to choose their subject wisely in future but also help them to explore the wide variety of carrer options that comes with the subject that they study.

    It is necessary to study several subjects at once to have a complete study formation. Education programs are carefully chosen and selected for a reason, which means that every single subject is important and relevant in the student’s life. For instance if a student decides to study and be committed only to economics, but not maths, there will be a point where in order to solve statistics questions, basic maths will also be needed. Therefore, the student will lack in this aspect and this will create a problem for the student to cope up with the subject.

    In conclusion, paying attention to only the subjects that students find interesting might be convenient to some extent but in my opinion, it will be beneficial if they try to focus on all the school subjects that are being taught as it might provide them with an integral formation that will help them in future.

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