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  • Nabila

    September 19, 2021 at 5:09 PM

    In this modern era, the majority of people gravitate towards fast food as their go-to meal. This phenomenon has both the advantages and the disadvantages, which this essay will explore and conclude that the disadvantages greatly outweigh the advantages.

    To begin with, the pace with which the lives of the people are changing is astonishing, and to adjust with such pace, they have to adopt a lifestyle that not only compliments it, but also saves a lot of time. With an availability of fast food in today’s world, an individual does not have to spend their time in cooking, instead he or she can invest those saved hours in self- development. Though the home-cooked meals are healthier than fast food, it is a boon for working couples. In addition to that, it is affordable than healthy food. For instance, in order prepare a delicious meal, people have to buy different types of spices and condiments, which they do not have to purchase when they buy fast food, so in this way they can save their money.

    However, this development has some major disadvantages. First of all, although fast foods taste better, they contain a large amount of additives, saturated fats and sugars, which tend to have adverse effects on our health. This eventually leads to serious health problems like obesity. Furthermore, a few studies have suggested that the fast food can also cause stomach cancers.

    To conclude, fast food is certainly a blessing for people who are working, but when consumed as a main meal, it can have harmful effects on our health that are irreversible in nature.

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