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  • Divyanshee

    September 21, 2021 at 9:33 AM

    In the fast growing world, individuals are more concerned about earning money and living a luxurious life rather than having free time and concentrating more on their mental health. In my opinion, money can buy anything an individual wants but it cannot buy you the free time that a person needs in his/her life for a good and a balanced life.

    On one hand, people are compromising their free time to earn more and more money. They prefer to work for longer hours and reduce the time that they can have for their families and friends. Moreover, it is believed that earning a good amount of money will surely bring happiness to the people out there and also to their families. No doubt, money gives a person all the lavish things which he ever aspired for. However, in the process they might lose their mental health and sometimes even their relationships.

    One the other hand, sometimes people choose taking our free time over prioritizing money that they can make as they are certainly aware of the benefits that free time offers like a balanced lifestyle, a good mental health and healthy relationship with the family and friends. Nevertheless, they might not earn much and have the luxurious life that others possess but they have a higher level of happiness and satisfaction in whatever they have.

    To conclude, it’s a really tough task to choose between the two. But every individual should know the importance of free time as well as money and in order to lead a happy and a lavish life one should learn how to make balance between the two.

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