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  • Arjun

    September 25, 2021 at 5:20 PM

    @falak Here is my Task 1:-

    The graph illustrates information about activities in percentagewise, performed by older people in their leisure time from 1980s to 2010s in America.

    Overall, it can be clearly observed that hiking is the most frequent activity done by elders, as it spiked rocketly. Whereas, other activities like Reading, watching TV, Theatre and Surfing the internet showed some kind of fluctuations.

    Among them, there was the only one activity(i.e Hiking) which went up drastically from 20% in 1980 to 80% in 2010 without any hiccups. However, reading and theatre fluctuated multiple times while crossing each other path in proportion, where both acted contrastingly from beginning (30% and 50%) to end (60% and 45%) over three decades. Lastly, there was a similar trend between remaining activities (Watching TV & Surfing the internet) initially, as both raised up with 10% of difference from 1980s till 2000s, but then ended up in contradictory direction with almost 65% and 50% in 2010s.

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