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  • Maninder

    September 29, 2021 at 9:33 PM

    Expertise in a particular subject in which a student is interested in and knowledge of all subjects will be good for the growth of a teenager. Some people believe that teenagers should concentrate on all subjects at school instead of the one they are interested in.

    Each teenager has a special quality of learning which makes him superior to others in that respective fields. Teenagers must give extra effort to the subjects, which they really enjoyed while studying. Till the time young students reached a particular age, they will become experts in particular fields and the same will leads to great success in that area. For Eg. There are some students which are good at calculations or in numbers, we should advise them to put their efforts into Math and accounts instead of science as they love working on numbers which will lead to greater efficiencies and expertise in thier filed

    In the era of globalization, countries are closely connected and talent pools are flexible for their job location. In the current scenario, corporates are hiring those people which have a solution-oriented approach, Like their expertise in a particular subject, however, they also have knowledge about all the fields which could impact. Parents should impart the habit of flexible learning of subjects in the school only so that they can adjust to the changes in the macro-environment in long run.

    To conclude, parents should advise their young children to put extra efforts for subjects they are interest in and at the same time impart habit of dynamic learning of other subjects for a better future.

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