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  • Vimi

    October 2, 2021 at 11:02 PM
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    The pie charts illustrate the reasons for using bicycles and cars as transport mediums to work.

    At first glance, it is discernible that the primary reasons are health and fitness, less pollution, and comfort.
    People who prefer to reach their office by cycle are very much concerned about their health and fitness and environmental pollution. As a result, both of these reasons received the highest vote, 30% each. In the case of driving to work the principal concern is comfort which accounts for 40%, far higher than other reasons.

    The proportions of those saying their transport medium as the fastest mode are quite similar for cycling and driving to work, 12% and 14% respectively.

    Another important reason which influences people to drive to their work is the distance to work and this has been voted for 21%.


    1. Word limit is less than the minimum words required ie. 150 words

    2. In the 2nd paragraph the primary reasons have been mentioned without mentioning the transportation mode which makes it incomplete and unclear.

    3. All throughout ‘vote’ has been mentioned whereas nowhere in the question the word vote is mentioned.


    The response to the question is not long enough. For Task 1 candidates must write at least 150 words but this answer is below that number. It does not complete the requirements of the task because there is no clear overview. There is a good effort to answer the question and describe the main points in the charts. The statements are generally accurate but not full enough to give all the key points. There is a brief introductory sentence which could be further expanded and the information is not always presented in a clear way. More linking words and phrases could be used in the answer. A limited range of vocabulary has been used to present the information. Language of comparison and contrast has not been used satisfactorily.

    Band Score : 1.5/3

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