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  • Roshini

    October 7, 2021 at 11:55 AM

    The pie charts compares online shopping in four retail sectors namely electronics & appliance, home furnishing, food & beverage and video games in Canada for 5 years.

    Overall, online sales of electronics and appliance was highest in Canada in 2005 but in 2010, online sales of food & beverage and video games increased while the sales of electronics & appliances and home furnishing products decreased.

    As is presented in pie chart, electronics and appliance products got the highest online sales in Canada and that was 35%. Second most online product category was home furnishing (25% of total online sales) while foods and beverage products made 22% of total online sales. In this year 18% sales volume went to video game category and that was least among the given four online product categories.

    After five years, the sales of electronics and appliances reduced by 5% as it was in 2005 and food & beverage category was the highest selling online product category with a sales of 32% of total online sales in Canada. Online sale percentages for video games increased to 23% while the home furnishing product sales made 15% of total sales which was 10% less than that was in 2005.

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