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  • Sheeba

    October 9, 2021 at 10:05 AM

    Some people think that higher officials alone should be indulged for making decisions in a business, while others think all employees should be involved in decision making. In this essay let us see both views.

    To begin with, the idea of including only higher officials for making decision is quiet common in all corporate. People in junior position do not have experience to make decision. Junior employees many not aware of each nook and corner in business. If the organization includes their ideas, they will end up in a mess.

    In addition to it, we cannot under estimate any one. Organization has to listen to all the employees. There may be better decision from employees from a junior position than a senior position. Even though they have less experience, their ideas will be good. By including junior employees, organization can understand their problem solving skills also; their skills will be improved from the lower designation. The best decision has to be rewarded and this will motivate them to work for the company.

    To conclude with, irrespective of a position of employees all their idea has to be taken in to consideration. Then they can form a committee to consider the best decision. Based on the problem organization has to decide whether to get decision form people in lower designation or not. We cannot blindly accept both views. If the severity of the issue is high then it is better not to include higher officials. If the severity of the issue is low then it is better to include all.

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