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  • Yanshi

    October 13, 2021 at 9:36 PM

    These days, it has become increasingly popular to go for shopping in one’s spare time. This phenomenon brings with itself, a set of benefits and drawbacks, as argued by some people. Shopping has become profoundly popular among the young generation. This essay will look at some of the possible causes and it’s impact on individuals and society.

    Shopping, which was seen as a laborious activity specifically done when required, has now become a recreational activity. A considerable amount of people look at shopping as some sort of stress reliever, leisure activity instead of a necessity. In fact, a study shows that shopping leads to release of certain chemicals in your brain that significantly boosts your mood, thus getting more inclined towards shopping. Shopping has become prevalently popular with the commencement of several schemes and campaigns, launched by several online shopping platforms, in order to attract costumers. Costumers can take benefits of these schemes at the comfort of their homes, allowing them to purchase their preferable products at reasonable prices with maximum profits to both the company and costumers.

    While shopping can be used as a reliable source of stress reliever if done within limits, it surely has downsides if done beyond the limit.

    Comfort and convenience of online shopping platforms has resulted in much more inclination towards unnecessary shopping, where people often get tempted to purchase products they don’t need, resulting in unnecessary expenses. In the long run, this is an undesirable situation where one spends much more they can afford to. On the contrary, increasing popularity of shopping is extremely beneficial for the shopping stores and online shopping platforms, who are profited by increase in sales. Purchasing products is also beneficial for the country’s economy as it keeps the money flowing, which increases the overall GDP of a nation. The more the demand for products, the more will be the generation of products. And the more the generation of services and products, the more will be the GDP of the nation, thus resulting in greater economy.

    In conclusion, shopping can certainly be seen as a fruitful activity for everyone, if one beings mindful of their spending. A good market keeps the money flowing and boosts the economy of the country.

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