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  • Falak

    October 13, 2021 at 11:30 PM

    People throughout the world uses (use) social media to communicate with other(s)(,) using social media platforms (social networking sites) like email, Whatsapp, Facebook, and so many (many more). They prefer to contact with( through) social media rather than face-face (actual interaction) contact because to connect instantly ( as it offers instant connection). (However,) it also includes some drawbacks like depending on electronics devices and privacy issues. Here we will ( this essay will discuss) discuss both benefits and disadvantages briefly.
    Mainly, the digital communication system plays major role in human development. It provides wide variety of features including distant learning, remote working, connecting with people irrespective of place and time. For instance, social media (has) become main source of communication of distance family and friends through video or audio call with no need of charges to contact. Particularly in this global covid-19 pandemic, world depends on social media to stay connected with people in office, family and public to get information and support. It helps (to make ) people more productive and safes (ensures regular contact) relationship in regular contact. Furthermore, It helps people to virtually participate in important family functions include birthday parties, anniversary celebration and so on.
    Even though social media has more benefits, it has some adverse effects (too). in communicate virtually. Specially offspring(s) loses(lose) their interest to communicate in this mode. The online education has limitation to involve them in practical education and also chances of social skills not developed that includes behaviour, personal development, sharing habits. It affects the chances of exploring the places, people and culture along with face-face meeting. Sometimes depending on electronic devices affects health by eye dryness, stress, radiation exposure.
    To conclude, i ( I) believe that usage of social media is more beneficial in evolution of people in society. With improvement in technologies ,people should educate themselves to how to optimize it for (better) communication (and) to avoid health affects

    Feedback: follow essay structure, Make distinct paragraphs. No example found, use punctuation marks to add clarity. Follow the corrections made.

    Band : 2.5/6

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