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  • Sheeba

    October 14, 2021 at 6:24 PM

    Many business think that freshers who just graduated from schools have a lag in interpersonal skills for instance, working with colleagues in their team. This essay will explain the reason for the issue and the solutions for this problem.

    To begin with, the reason why newbies lack interpersonal skills is because they do not have exposure to the corporate world. In schools, management does not develop their interpersonal skills instead they make their student to attain good grades. Interpersonal skills will develop when they start taking their own responsibilities. During school, they form a small gang who are their pals and their gang members will have similar quality. But in the office they have to work with different people as a team irrespective of region, language and culture. So there may be some conflicts because of the lack of interpersonal skills.

    In addition to that, every organization has to conduct a program to develop interpersonal skills before allocating them to the project. In training period freshers are learning only about the technology. Skills related course has to be added in the curriculum during training. Many activities has to be conducted to understand the importance of the skills. Before they move to project newbies has to be formed as a group with people in different language and region to do capstone projects. During this phase they learn a lot about anger management, team work and their communication skill will also develop.

    In conclusion, it is organization’s responsibilities to transform student to a employee so that they can understand the corporate world. Interpersonal skill is a skill which helps them to present themselves. Skills speak louder than their speech.

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