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  • Vikaram Jeet

    October 17, 2021 at 2:37 PM

    Nowadays, memes are very popular on the internet. Particularly, these are trending on social media and digital media platforms. These are visuals which can be a video or an image. These can be hilarious or emotional. Many concerned and stakeholders use it in their interest, for example, a company can use it as a marketing tool to promote its products and to influence the target customers, a news agency can create it to make the news more interesting and a political party can float it in their political interest or for spreading the propaganda against their political rivals or to gain the sympathy of the public.

    Due to the increasing popularity and usage of social media and digital media, these memes have very wide coverage, therefore, create a great impact on the thought process, sentiments, and prudence of the public at large. This gives rise to a worldwide debate whether usage of memes can create value addition for the internet community?

    First, I would like to point out some advantages of using memes. As I stated in the first paragraph, with the help of memes a company can promote its products consequently can increase its revenue. Similarly, schools can use it to teach complex topics to their students in a very interesting manner. In contrast, if we use it with the wrong intention or for unethical motives, certainly it will defeat its very purpose and can be destructive for society.

    In conclusion, I would say as each coin has two sides similarly everything in this world contains its advantages as well as disadvantages and what do we get from anything is depends on how we use it. And memes are also not an exception to this. It is like a two edges sword, if we use it properly it will make the internet a better place otherwise it can hijack and ruin the thinking of society.

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