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  • Mamta

    October 19, 2021 at 11:21 PM

    In the recent time, a few people want to choose their career as teacher, specially in secondary schools. Teaching was very popular among people in past time but now it becomes less likely to be seen as a career choice. This essay will discuss few problems which are faced by some when choosing teaching as a career option and also provide many suitable solutions for the same.

    Teachers are backbone of a country’s growth. Good teachers provide great students that will be assets to the country, however they are not given enough salary as compare to other professions like engineers, doctors and bankers . Educators should be respected because they mold the children into a better person but in today’s time, children are not enough discipline and often misbehave with the teachers.Youngsters don’t understand the value of their teachers and frequently disrespect them. There are less career growth opportunities for educators as well.

    Teaching has lost its value, in order to restore it, the wages of teachers should be increased. Some steps should be taken by government to provide better services to teachers like in term of career growth, salary and basic facility. Parents also teach their children some basic etiquettes for example, discipline and how to behave with educators.

    To conclude, teachers should be given actual salary according to their work along with respect from everyone in the society because teachers make us human being and responsible. We learn lot of things from them whether they are related to study or general life. Teachers are the only one who are responsible for a child’s growth and his career.

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